Pipeline Safety is all of our Responsibility 

At Medallion Midstream, we believe the safety of the environment, our employees, and the communities in which we operate should be our top priority. We are a responsible operator with an emergency response system utilizing continuous monitoring and incident prevention practices.

Pipelines in Your Community 

Written agreements, or easements, between landowner and pipeline companies allow pipeline and utility companies to construct and maintain pipeline rights-of-ways across public and privately owned property. Your property may be one of the many in your community which contains an underground pipeline easement.

To determine if a pipeline runs through your property:

Look for Pipeline Markers on Your Property or In Your Neighborhood 

For your safety, markers have been installed along the pipeline route to indicate the approximate location and provide vital emergency information. Take time to familiarize yourself with the pipeline markers on your property or in your community. Write down the names and phone numbers of pipeline companies or operators listed on the markers in case of emergency.

Pipeline Accidents Are Preventable. Call Before You Dig. 

Accidental “dig-ins” by property owners or contractors make up the majority of pipeline accidents. Dig-ins are preventable only if owners or excavators will contact pipeline companies BEFORE they attempt to dig. A pipeline marker will not necessarily indicate the exact location or direction of a pipeline.

Before you Dig, Contact Your Local One-Call Center

Download Medallion Safety Brochure

How to Recognize a Leak

Although not common, we do encourage you to understand the signs of a possible pipeline leak and how to respond:

  • Sight:  A pool of liquid on the ground near a pipeline, a dense white cloud or fog over a pipeline, or discolored vegetation surrounding the pipeline may be signs of a possible leak. 
  • Sound:  An unusual noise coming from the pipeline, like a hissing or roaring sound, may be a possible sign of a leak. 
  • Smell: An unusual smell will accompany a pipeline leak.  

What to do if a Leak Occurs

  1. Leave the area immediately; warn others.
  2. Do not touch, breathe, or make contact with the leaking liquids or gases. 
  3. Do not attempt to stop the leak by operating pipeline equipment. 
  4. Do not light a match, start an engine, use a telephone, switch on/off light switches, or do anything that might create a spark.
  5. From a safe distance, call 911 or your local emergency response number and the pipeline company. 
  6. Do not drive a vehicle into a leak or vapor cloud area. 
  7. Warn others. 

Before you Dig, Contact Your Local One-Call Center

  • National Call Before You Dig: 811
  • Texas: 800-344-8377

Call 811 before you dig

Medallion 24-Hour Emergency Phone Numbers

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