Crude Oil Assets

Wolfcamp Connector System

Medallion’s Wolfcamp Connector Crude Oil System consists of approximately 780 miles of 4-inch through 16-inch diameter crude oil gathering and transportation pipelines spanning six of the most prolific crude oil producing counties in the Permian Basin. The Wolfcamp Connector acts as an intrabasin header system connecting crude oil supply from multiple top-tier producer customers to multiple Permian Basin long-haul takeaway pipelines and local refineries providing customers the flexibility to access multiple downstream markets in order to achieve the best available pricing.

Delaware Express Pipeline

The Delaware Express Crude Oil Pipeline is a crude oil gathering and transportation system connecting Southern Delaware Basin crude oil to the Wolfcamp Connector System in order to provide Medallion’s Delaware Basin customers with access to the Permian Basin long-haul takeaway pipelines, local refineries and downstream markets provided by the Wolfcamp Connector’s intrabasin header design. The Delaware Express Pipeline consists of approximately 110 miles of pipeline with multiple market delivery options.

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